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Monday, May 30, 2011


The Village of Enmore

A Brief History of Enmore

The village of Enmore is located in Region Four, on the East Coast of Demerara, Guyana and it is roughly two square miles in size.[1] It is 15 miles away from Georgetown and has about 3000 residents. Enmore during the 19th Century was the site of both Sugar and Cotton Plantations. It was owned by the Porters family.

The estate became a community in the 1940’s, when villagers were granted plots of land. During 1963, the racial tension in the country and the savage attacks on Indians and government supporters, led to a mass migration of people. Both Indians and Africans relocated from villages in which they were a minority to ones in which a majority of their own race lived. Due to this, Enmore has since become a mainly Indo-Guyanese community.

In and Around the Village

Present day, Enmore is a thriving community. In the health sector, it contains a Polly Clinic, Estate Dispensary, and two Pharmacies.

The Dispensary

Lil Pharmacy

The religious community comprises of two Mosques, four Mandir’s and four Christian churches.

Enmore Mandir

Enmore also contains a number of both public and private schools. Three Nursery Schools: Blossom Scheme Nursery, Hope Nursery and Ghandi Nursery; Two Primary Schools: Enmore Newtown Primary and Hope Primary as well as Three private schools: Ebascol, IBE and The Enmore Muslim School.

Enmore Primary School

Enmore Islamic School

A number of goods and services can be obtained in Enmore. There are two bakeries, and P. Nauth’s store is internationally certified to for beverage distribution. A variety of hardware and building equipment can be obtained from A. Itwary Hardware and General Store. Enmore also has two major Internet Cafe’s: Halal Meat Center Internet CafĂ© and Co-Fax which both offer internet, printing and photocopying services. In addition Halal has faxing and Internet call services. There are also many more stores, snackette’s and Chinese Shops.

Halal Internet Cafe

Club 65, Pools Hall and Cone Zone.

Enmore also contains a community center ground. Numerous shows, cricket and football matches, bar-b-q’s are held there on a regular basis. There is also a community center building, (separate from the ground) which has gym and library facilities. Also, located on the main road in Hope are the local NDC offices.

The Village is made secure by the presence of a Police Station.

On the opposite side of the Police station to the west is the Digicel Tower.

The Enmore sugar factory is another important feature of the village. Located at the back of the village, the estate employs many residents of Enmore and the East Coast.

Enmore Estate is also the site of Guyana’s brand new packing plant. The plant completed construction September 2010 of last year; however the upgrading of the facility will be completed by October this year. The facility will package sugar from Skeldon’s upgraded sugar factory. The sugar will be packaging high-quality brand, table ready sugar, mainly for export. [2]

(construction of the plant)

Enmore also has an annual Pagwah Mela at the ‘Play Ground’

The Enmore Martyrs

The Enmore Martyr’s Monument and the observation of Enmore Martyr’s Day are important features of the history of both Enmore and Guyana as a whole. On the 16th of June, 1948, workers assembled at plantation Enmore in order to protest for better working conditions. Colonial police shot at the protesting crowd. Five workers were killed and others injured.

In Bogota, Colombia in June 1976, at the Continental Conference of the National Affiliates of the World Peace Council, the five murdered sugar workers were dubbed the Enmore Martyr’s. The Enmore Martyr’s monument was constructed in their honor at Enmore. It is designed by Dennis Williams and was constructed by the Government of Guyana. Then in 1977, on the 29th anniversary of the death of the workers, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, then Prime Minister, unveiled the monument.[3] The monument is located opposite the Enmore Community Center Ground and the land is simply known “Monument Square,” to the residents of Enmore.

Annually, there is a wreath laying ceremony at the monument in honor of the Enmore Martyr’s.Wreaths are laid by important political figures and relatives of the martyr’s. Speeches are often given, usually by Politicians, The President of Guyana, The Indian Arrival Committee, and members of GAWU and GUYSUCO.


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Done By Amaraydha Kartick


  1. Great job with beautifil pics depicting the history of Enmore and the east coast, I really love the sugar factory, I am an artist from guyana painting about my history and culture, a full picture of the sugar factory will be very much appriciate , I always want to paint Enmore Estate including the Leyland truck and workers around since my dad was a cane cutter and I work in the number 11 gang, with any help I will deeply appriciate.
    My website www.prackcreativepainting.com

  2. Found this site while researching Enmore Sugar Estate, Guyana.
    Thanks for sharing info and photos. Brought back memories.
    Worked at Enmore Estate during the late 60's/early 70's in the Field Estate Laboratory.

  3. My Grandfather was a tally man for the sugar cane in the 1940's but migrated to Canada in 1950. I am trying to find my family history. Is there a record of employment anywhere?